Award Winning Interior Design

Nuhorcon Interiors is a home, office and events service of Nuhorcon Global Resources Limited. Created as Nu Horizon Concepts (coined Nu-Hor-Con) in 2002. In 2007 we took it up a notch and established Nhc interiors & Style with a view to being the preferred name in home and office décor.



To beautify homes, offices and lives of people throughout the world using colourful design themes and products. Your pleasure is our business.
We select unique styles of furniture, bedding, wallpaper, paints, colours, carpeting, curtains and accessories for your rooms, houses and offices.

NHC Interiors & Style

We arrange your home with similar themed furniture and colour codes. Matching curtains, rugs and furniture make a loud statement any day. Your patio, lawns and porches are not left out. Creativity in designs is our style.

NHC Events

Nuhorcon Global resources limited is your one stop planning experience for all your events. We will handle all kinds of events for you; Corporate or social. Private or loud. Seminars, Conferences or workshops. Training meetings. Children’s parties. Teenage coming of age parties. Thanksgiving parties. Cook-outs. Weddings. Cocktails and all events.

NHC Academy

Training in the basics will guarantee a patterned successful life. At the academy we carter for all your training needs by providing you with resource material for your research, e -learning modules on all arts and science subject areas and career advancement programme packages for all categories of education. From Primary to Tertiary / Elementary to College.

Scholarship and grant writing modules and professional exam support services are also provided.


NHC Fashion

You are what you eat! At nuhorcon we believe that fashion isn’t only about the outer adorning of clothing, accessories and hairstyles. True beauty emanates from within. We believe the right diet and healthy lifestyle will make you fashionable in whatever clothing you choose to wear. A cheerful spirit will rock any wears.

Allow us teach you to eat right and dress right the NHC fashion way.